Actual issues of Ukrainian linguistics: theory and practice (2016). Volume 33. P. 111-125.



margaryta dorofeyeva



Abstract. The article is devoted to the translation universals’ concept from a synergetic point of view. The different concepts marked with a term "universal" in linguistics, translation theory and synergetics were looked upon. The difference between a semiotic and synergetic mean of the term "universal" in translation theory was founded out. The definition for the concept "synergetic universals" in translation was brought to a focus.

Synergetic universals are defined as immanent regularities in translation functioning, which are common for all intelligent social systems of high complexity. Synergetic universals for the translation process and translation result were determined as well. To the synergetic universals of translation -as-process belong synergism, synergy and self-organization of translation system. The synergetic universals of translation-as- result involve attractors and repellers, situated on external level, internal level and on target culture’ level of synergetic translation system.


Keywords: translation universals, language universals, synergetic universals, synergetic translation system, self-organization level, synergism, synergy, attractor, repeller.


Information about author: Dorofeyeva Margaryta Sergiyivna – PhD, associate professor; associate professor of department of German philology and translation; Institute of philology; Kyiv national Taras Shevchenko university.