The edition has the procedure of internal and external (double "blind") reviewing in terms of relevance, novelty, innovative research problems, formulation of tasks clarity, consistency and validity of conclusions.


Each text, submitted for publication in the digest, must have a content and formal assessment.

The article is sent to two external reviewers who analyze the text on the relevance and novelty of the study, the independence of the author's observations, the language quality of the text and compliance with the general requirements of the digest.

The reviews are confidential and conform to the standards of ethical policy of the digest.

The reviewer names of particular volumes shall be revealed only in an electronic version, but no sooner than the paper version of the digest is published. Reviewers can not use the research results presented in the article for publication.

Reviewers can offer:

- recommend to print;

- recommend to print (after refinement);

- reject the recommendation for printing.

The final decision on the recommendation for printing is taken by the chief editor of the digest.