scientific digest "Actual issues of ukrainian linguistics: theory and practice"



1. Manuscripts must meet the applicable requirements of SAC of Ukraine and international standards:


- formulation of the problem in the context of modern philological science, correlated with actual practical tasks;


- analysis of the recent literature on the research topic;


- the definition of previously unexplored aspects of the general problem or any new lines of research;


- formulation of the purpose of article (problem);


- a statement of basic, fundamental research material with the justification of scientific results;


- conclusion of the investigation and the prospect of further scientific analysis of the problem.


2. A computer version of the article must meet the following requirements:


- font Times New Roman;


- if the author uses other fonts, it is necessary to propose them in a separate file;


- margin: head – 2.5 cm; tail – 9.54 cm; left – 2.5 cm; right – 6.84 cm;


- an indention from the running title: head - 2.75 cm; tail – 9 cm;


- an indentation – 1.25 cm;


- line-to-line spacing – single;


- the citation must be proposed in square brackets, eg.: [5, p. 141], where 5 – is a number of the source in the list of references in alphabetical order, and 141 - the number of page;


- reference to the source of illustrative material should be used in parentheses, eg .: (I. Franko);


- distinction between a dash (-) and hyphens (-) and unification of the quotation marks ("");


3. Materials must be accommodated in the following sequence:


- classification index of the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC);


- name and surname of the author (size 11 points, italic type);


- title of the article is typed in the middle in capital letters (size 11 points, bold type);


- annotations in Ukrainian, English and Russian languages; in each of the annotations the author must formulate the keywords (no more than ten words) (size 10 points, italic type). Abstracts submitted in a foreign language should not be a literal translation of basic annotation and should not be less than 1800 symbols (without blanks);


- information about the author / authors in Ukrainian, English and Russian languages after each of the annotation respectively (size 10 points, italic type) in the following order: first name, middle name (in full), scientific degree, academic status, post / post-graduate studies, doctoral studies; organization department (faculty / institute, department); title of the institution; e-mail;


- text of the article - in the interval after the title (size 11 points);


- References must be given after the main text of the article in alphabetical order in the rubric LITERATURE (size 10 points). References made in accordance with the applicable requirements of current bibliographic standart of Ukraine. It is necessary to distinguish the scientific literature and sources. REFERENCES MUST ALSO BE TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH and served in the REFERENCES rubric after the main list of literature. It is necessary to translate the title, which is served in italics type before the transliterated version: Chaldini R. Persuasion: a revolutionary method of influence on people [Perekonannia : revoliutsiinyi metod vplyvu na liudei]. Kharkiv, 2017. 352 p.;


- a list of abbreviations of the sources (if any) (size 10 points) is submitted after the list of references.