Actual issues of Ukrainian linguistics: theory and practice (2016). Volume 32. P. 64-78.



valeriya biloshytska


Lingual personality in media discourse: verbal and semantic level

Abstract. The article presents the comparative analysis of metaphors as representatives verbal semantic level of lingual personality. The analysis is based on materials taken from three political weekly magazines edited in Ukrainian ("Ukrainski Tyzhden"), French ("L’Express") and English ("New Statesman") languages. Within this study on the base of R's packages three corpora containing articles from websites of above-named magazines were formed. R is a programming language and environment for statistical computing and graphics that is available as free software. Special patterns for searching metaphors in each corpora were created; micro contexts with metaphors enclosing animals' and color names were identified. These contexts were generated by a collective lingual personality of the authors (journalists or politicians) and represent political metaphor. The political metaphor enclosing animals' and color names appears to be not only a way to attract the reader's attention but also a device to influence audience's point of view on these or those phenomena.


Key words: lingual personality, media discourse, political metaphor, semantic level of lingual personality.


Information about author: Biloshytska Valeriya Olexandrivna – post-graduate student of the department of general linguistics and classical philology; Institute of philology; Kyiv national Taras Shevchenko university.