Actual issues of Ukrainian linguistics: theory and practice (2016). Volume 32. P. 50-64.






Abstract. The article defines the tradition of periphrastic studies in different scientific paradigms. The main aspects of linguistic analysis of periphrastic units are observed. We can emphasize on the main aspects of research: structural, functional, cognitive, semantic, in terms of the origin. The main researches’ attention is paid to metaphorical or metonymical conversion and expansion of the denotatum and source of periphrastic units’ formation, their evaluative degree. There is little information available of specific function of periphrasis in communication. Specific periphrase functions as a special form of communication in the media are beyond linguistic analysis. In particular, the functions of periphrase in various media genres and the role of periphrase in structuring of media text are not studied. Also opportunities of periphrastic units as a means of linguistic influence on mass linguistic consciousness are not analyzed. There is a perspective of studies in interpretation of media paraphrase as a special communication unit.


Key words: periphrasis, secondary nomination, language of massmedia, medialinguistics.


Information about author: Bulakh Maya Bohdanivna – postgraduate student of the department of history and stylistics of Ukrainian language; Institute of philology; Kyiv national Taras Shevchenko university.