Actual issues of Ukrainian linguistics: theory and practice (2016). Volume 32. P. 33-40.






Abstract. The article is dedicated to advertising (and, in a wider sense, to advertising discourse), which is considered a new genre of the modern media in particular due to its stylistic resources. Using modern advertisin gcommunication, the author analyses phraseological units and their stylistic transformation, reveals new fixed phrases which act as universal media tools an influence the public consciousness. A special attentionis paid to advertising in the Internet, since it is a new phenomenon of mass communication, also the new genres of modern online media are considered, such as advertising blog, web-article, advertising forum,advertising chat box, advertising web-page. Special features, structure and functions of online-advertising are defined by the purpose of the advertising product: it is created to influence the masses and encourage people to purchase goods / use the service through the virtual communication means and visual (creolized) stylistic tools. The issue of echo phrases and slogans that involve phraseological units and are compulsory elements of advertising text is also considered. Medialinguistic analysis of the advertising text is topical for modern linguistics, which lets us envision directions of further research of advertising communication.


Key words: medialinguistics, mediatext, advertising communication, media phraseology, language of media, analytical media genres, media innovation, slogan.


Information about author: Syzonov Dmytro Yurijovych – PhD; associate professor of the department of history and stylistics of Ukrainian language; Institute of philology; Kyiv national Taras Shevchenko university.